Friday, March 29, 2013

Dr Pauleena Singh... Spammer of the week

Today I wanted to start a new feature: Spammer Of The Week. First cab of the rank Dr Pauleena Singh.

Spammer of the week, Dr Pauleena Singh
Spammer Of The Week Dr Pauleena Singh

My health blog has now been present for more then 4 years and with regular updates it certainly attracts spammers. Dr Pauleena Singh is one of my most recent spammer friends.

Happily spamming my gay men's health blog, Dr Pauleena Singh was kind enough to leave me the following spam message...

Spam Comment For Dr Pauleena Singh

You've probably noticed that I have blurred out Dr Pauleena Singh's web adress and phone number. You see as much as I love fellow doctors commenting on my site, I'm certainly not a charity, and I'm absolutely not a charity for spammers.

Attempts were made to speak with Dr Singh however, heck I even tried to offer her education on how to advertise without resorting to spamming other doctors blogs... Sadly she wasn't interested.

Just in case you think this was an isolated spam post, think again... A simple blog search for her name "Dr Pauleena Singh" netted even more examples of her blog spamming.

Spamming by Dr Pauleena Singh

Ho hum... Well congratulations Pauleena, you've my first featured spammer, more to come I'm sure.

Dr G

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